zondag 24 oktober 2010

Introduction & Preliminary Feature Set


Scarlet Nebula is going to be a Java based software program mainly for
managing VM (Virtual Machine) based IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) clouds.


  • Mixed clouds (communicating servers from different cloud providers, possibly even private clouds)
  • A tree based navigational structure for servers. This will allow for  grouping of servers and scaling from a single to thousands of servers.
  • Statistical tracking of the amount of time servers are online
  • Graphs for tracking stuff like CPU usage and other useful data on the "health" of a server. 
  • Extensive scripting that allows for starting new servers with a single click.
  • Triggers that can send alerts in the form of emails, execute scripts,...

And of course the obvious ones like

  • Starting new servers
  • Executing commands on one or more servers
  • Transferring files to one or more servers
  • Shutting servers down
  • Auto-scaling

Under the motto "all code is better than no code" the Dasein Cloud API seems somewhat interesting. Although the entire Dasein documentation seems to consist of 1 short page of API reference and less than a handful of short code examples, code quality seems to be okay and it is still being actively developed.

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