zaterdag 20 november 2010

Amazon EC2, Dasein and Endpoints

For the uninitiated, a cloud endpoint is a URI you'll use as the point you'll be connecting to. This URI can be different based on your geographical location and possibly other things. For example, the Amazon EC2 endpoint for Europe is, or in the Dasein format (This is completely undocumented in the Dasein API so you can image how much fun it was finding that out.)

With this I have also found a good reason to derive my own CloudProvider class from the Dasein cloudprovider -- as far as I know (and I've read through the Cloudprovider and context files at least 10 times) there is no way to request a list of these URI's from Dasein. The alternative would be to change the Dasein cloud API to support this and send George Reese a patch. The problem with this is that he probably won't accept the patch unless this is possible for pretty much all of Dasein's cloud providers -- about 14.

Just something to think about...

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