dinsdag 2 november 2010

Graphics libraries for the GUI

Creating a solid and functional GUI is an important part of any program, and choosing the wrong GUI framework can be a costly decision.

I've looked at several GUI libraries for Java

  • Abstract Window Toolkit: Too basic.
  • Swing: Looks nice, supports relatively complicated constructs like treeviews without problems, Model-view-controller based
  • Qt Jambi: Not very well known in the Java community (relatively new), still a Java interface to a C++ library built on C code

Swing code looks really nice (I've done a lot of pure Win32 GUI programming, so maybe everything looks nice to me...), seems to support everything I'll be needing and is the de facto choice in the Java community so unless there are objections that will be the one I'll be using.

For the statistic / history parts of Scarlet Nebula, I'll be using JFreeChart. This charting library seems very capable and will certainly be able to take everything I'll throw at it.

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