dinsdag 3 mei 2011

Even more progress this week

More progress this week:

I created the Firewall choice screen in the Add Server Wizard. The reason I waited so long with this one because I (correctly) assumed that it would be *a lot* of work. In this screen, you can

  • Add new firewalls
  • Delete existing firewalls
  • Add new rules to a firewall
  • Remove rules from a firewall

All of this with a SwingWorker with throbber (I made a nice base class for this some time ago, other than 1 extra parameter (the throbber) this class looks exactly like a normal SwingWorker and automatically opens and closes the throbber). So, more than a thousand lines of code (including the IP CIDR validator, port range validator, unittests, ...) later and it all looks good and works fine.

In other news: I also figured out why I couldn't start any tiny instances (EBS backed), this was because there was apparently a bug in the system that caused the wrong image to be selected (caused by the fact that a row id returned by getSelectedRow() is not a row id in the same context as a row id in the model due to the filter). Once this was fixed, they boot perfectly.

ives ~/scarletnebula/Scarlet Nebula $ git diff --stat "@{one week ago}" HEAD | tail -n 1 125 files changed, 5245 insertions(+), 2536 deletions(-)

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