dinsdag 1 maart 2011

A Short and Unordered ToDo List

Not in any particular order, a planning will follow shortly.
  • Choice of machine image (incl architecture) when starting servers. I wasn't sure this would be possible with a standard Dasein, but after looking through the API docs, I found dasein.cloud.compute.MachineImageSupport which does what I want it to do. I'll have to make some kind of a table based GUI with filters for the machine image selection. I can then deduce the architecture type (x86 or x64) from the chosen machine image.
  • Asynchronous GUI when performing networking operations. Since there's no way for me to know how long an HTTP request will take, I'll have to find some way to do this (either nothing special and "busy" cursors, or the clearer-but-harder-to-do progress bar (that doesn't indicate progress).
  • Statistics for servers, incl defining a format, updating the serverlist's server icons to indicate a server state. More on this later.
  • Loading server optimization (small optimization that could save a lot of time when starting Scarlet Nebula with many linked servers)
  • Limited size queue for active SSH sessions (e.g. last 5 active ssh sessions stay open, when user attempts to open an ssh session to a server that's currently not connected to, LRU ssh session is automatically closed)
  • Fix the resize while SSH terminal is open bug (drawing bug)
  • Support for multiple servers, both for simultaneously sending ssh commandos to lots of servers, as for pauzing/starting/terminating/rebooting multiple servers (part of this code is already written)

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