dinsdag 8 maart 2011

Upgrading to Dasein Cloud API 2011-02

When I started working on the "choose machine image" screen, it soon became clear that the required Dasein functionality wasn't in the version of the DCA I was using (still the one from when I started the Scarlet Nebula project, a few months old), so I had to upgrade before I could implement the new functionality.

After a heart-to-heart talk with SVN and a 40MB download, eclipse showed more than 120 errors in the Scarlet Nebula core. Apparently every single package and class was renamed, just like most methods, enumerations and pretty much everything that could be changed. Currently, after a lot of searching for the correct class (if you know there was almost 0 documentation before the big change, you can guess how much (up-to-date) documentation DCA currently has), everything appears functional once again.

The Scarlet Nebula layering also proved useful, since I only had to change about 3 lines in the Scarlet Nebula GUI (an enumeration that indicates a Servers state changed names). I guess that counts as a good sign when it comes to my architecture.

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